Support SB 894 and HB 857 to ensure Affordable Credit for ALL Floridians

Affordable Credit Matters

What seems like a minor inconvenience to some Floridians can spell disaster for others. 

Without access to affordable credit, unbanked and underserved Floridians often have no where to turn but high-interest payday loans, pawn shops, or worse…

Fortunately, Senator Rouson and Representative Fernandez-Barquin have introduced bills to create a Pilot Program for IncreasedAccess to Responsible Small Dollar Loans.

Under this program, Floridians with little to no credit history will have access to manageable loans that not only help them through tough times, but also help them build credit for a brighter future. 

United For A Common Goal

Floridians For Fair Lending represents a diverse group of community leaders with a common goal – ensuring that ALL Floridians have access to affordable, reliable credit.